Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most asked questions:

Which devices is Tagme app available on

iOS and Android

Which countries can use it?

Initially Tagme app is available in English speaking countries only. We are hoping to launch localised versions in the near future

Is it free to use?

Yup, it’s 100% free!

Will you have any advertising options for businesses?

There will be options for businesses in the near future

How can I provide feedback about the app?

We would love to hear your feedback – please use the form on our contact us page

How many users receive my Tag Requests?

Tag Request messages are sent to the 20 closest users who match your criteria

Why do I need to verify my account with SMS?

This is an important security step to help prevent misuse of the app and allow us the quickly block users

How many Tag Words can I select?

As many that are appropriate

I can’t think of 10 Tag Words that I like, do I have to select 10?

Are you sure you have thought about everything you like? How about the types of cuisine you prefer, the music you listen to, or even new hobbies/sports you would like to try? Come on….. surely you can find 10!

Can I suggest new Tagwords?

In the Tag Settings screen, click ‘Add Tags’, select any of the active groups and then click the lightbulb icon in the top right corner

Can I update my telephone number?

At present there is no option to update your telephone number. You’ll need to create a new account

What does the thumbs up icon mean?

This gives users an indication of the quality of Tag Request messages users send

What does rate message mean?

When you receive a new Tag Request you have the option to rate a message so that you can let other users know about the quality of Tag Request messages users send

What is my user rating?

Your user rating is the score that other users rate you with. This is to encourage quality messages and reward users who send quality message, or to warn other users if the message quality is not so good

What’s the difference between update GPS location and set new city?

If you are temporarily in a different location, for example on holiday, you can update your GPS location so that you can send & receive Tag Requests locally based on your new GPS location.

If you are permanently moving to a new location, then select ‘New City’ so that you receive Tag Requests local to your location

What do the symbols mean?

The symbols next to the Tag Words & Tag Requests represent which main category the Tag Word belongs to

For example, if you search for ‘Italian’ it will have the 3 below suggestions:

Italian Tagword

So the symbols help identify the Tag Word and give you a quick indication what the message is referring to

How do I report a Chat message?

In the Chat Message screen swipe the purple line on the bottom up to open the command screen, then select the ‘Report Abuse’ icon

How do I block and report a user or message?

You can block & report a user in the ‘View Message’ screen by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ icon in the bottom right. By doing this you will no longer receive any correspondence from the user

I'm blocked, what do I do?

If you are reported 3 times your account will be blocked and you will have to contact us so that we can review your account

Can I increase the number of users I send a Tag Request to?

At the moment the maximum number of people you can send Tag Requests to is 20. Please contact us if you would like to increase this

Can I refine who I receive Tag Requests from?

Yes, in the Tag Settings go to Edit my Tagwords and you can edit who you receive Tag Requests from. For example if you select the Tagword, by click the empty circle so a green tick appears, you can then use the age, gender and location options to refine who you recieve Tag Request from

Do I have to refine who I send Tag Requests to?

No, this is not required

Can I refine who I send Tag Requests to?

Yes, in the ‘New Tag Request’ screen, select ‘refine’